Did I have Covid?” Documentary by FightPandemics

2 min readMar 16, 2021


Written by Nivedita Singh

One year ago, we started off during the COVID pandemic as FightPandemics, a platform that allows people to come together to gain and offer support during what has been a difficult and unforgiving year for many people. The FightPandemics platform has experienced considerable growth. It achieved over 2,000 monthly active users and hundreds of sign-ups in under 5 months, received $500K in sponsorship funds, and attracted additional donations in the form of software credits from brands such as Amazon Web Services, Slack, and Zendesk. Moreover, its entire platform was built by a community of 1,600 volunteers from over 80 countries, who have collectively clocked over 60,000 hours in contributions.

What next?

With such amazing growth and a fantastic team of volunteers, we have changed our name to DoinGud (pronounced Doing Good) to better reflect our vision of enabling an interconnected community of humans doing good.

We would like to present to you our award-winning documentary, directed by Edwin Caminho and starring Nate Tedesco as the possible COVID patient. This short documentary was filmed while the organization was still called FightPandemics. The documentary focuses on a young man who contracted COVID-19, the challenges he faced due to the virus, and how he plans on protecting himself in the future.

“Did I have Covid?” was recently awarded as Best Covid-19 Short at the Vesuvius International Monthly Film Fest and finished as a finalist at the Sweden Film Awards.




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