9 (free) ways to care for your mental health during crises

1. Routine, baby!

Whether you’re studying, working from home, or seeking employment, it’s beneficial to your mental health to maintain continuity from your pre-pandemic structure. Like it or not, routines have a way of bringing order to your life, which in turn positively impacts your mental health.

2. Train your brain

It’s likely you’re finding yourself with a little more time on your hands than usual. How should you keep your mind occupied? Don’t panic, we’ve got some tips!

3. Make art

Keeping your hands busy and dirty is another strategy to combat stress and improve your sense of well-being. There’s a plethora of resources available to draw you in with exercises that utilize your hands and imagination. Don’t forget to share your creations with your friends!

  • Acrylic painting, a YouTube channel offering hands-on tutorials of painting with acrylics;
  • Wow, Art, a learning tool which teaches those with or without painting skills to paint from scratch using household item;
  • Calligraphy By Mukta, a YouTube channel full of satisfying calligraphy and watercolour art tutorials; and
  • MINJUKIM at Home, where you can download colouring sheets created by the beloved fashion designer Minju Kim.

4. Sweat

Don’t forget the rest of your body! Get up from your couch and shake the stress away.

  • Yoga with Adriene offers a cozy, relaxing vibe for yoga lovers. Join Adriene and her sweet dog Benji for daily home yoga practices!
  • Blogilates offers virtual Pilates classes with certified fitness instructor Cassey Ho.
  • Pamela Reif is a German Internet celebrity who shares quick, effective, and equipment-free workouts to ensure your muscles stay active and healthy.
  • MadFit hosts real-time, apartment-friendly workouts.
  • POPSUGAR Fitness offers dance lovers home cardio workouts with celebrity trainers.

5. Whip up something yummy

There’s no better feeling than sitting down to a home-cooked meal. Make yourself some phenomenal food tonight with these channels!

  • Cooking with Katie is a good fit for you if you’d like to bake something with recipes from a range of cultures and cuisines.
  • Bon Appétit shows you how pro chefs and gourmets make food in their own kitchen.

6. Watch travel vlogs

Although your own travel plans have likely been postponed, you can still watch travel vlogs as inspiration for your next adventure.

7. Read stories

While days spent in quarantine are often uneventful, you’re guaranteed an adventure when you pick up a book or listen to a storyteller. Did you know that some theorize the most significant difference between humans and other animals is that humans gossip? Outlandish, maybe, but who doesn’t love a good story?

8. Speak up

The act of protesting can be powerful for your mental health. It’s easy to feel helpless and overwhelmed when we’re isolated from our communities; by getting out and using our voice to unite under a common purpose, we have the chance to regain a sense of our identity.


9. Stay connected

Last but not least, friends and activities are integral to our mental health. We recommend two ways you can find and maintain connections:

  • Connect with people through online events on Eventbrite.
  • Find a tandem partner. Tandem language learning is an excellent way to connect with like-minded people and keep yourself motivated. A tandem partner, a native speaker of your target language who’s learning your native language, is one of the best ways to deepen your additional language skills.

    Facebook groups are a great place to find a language-learning partner. It doesn’t need to stop at language learning, either. Who knows, maybe your tandem will want to learn a skill together or work out.



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