7 Pocket-Friendly Resources to Improve Your Mental Well-Being

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1. A Guide On How To Be Kinder To Yourself

Throughout this pandemic, many of us have struggled to find motivation. Low levels of productivity can trigger self-criticism and lead to high levels of stress and anxiety. But, consistently practising self-compassion can be the key to breaking a cycle of negative thoughts.

2. An Inspiring Read to Help You Stop Body-Shaming

Weight gain memes have started popping up everywhere recently, as many people are eating more and exercising less. Food guilt and body shaming can be a trigger for many, especially for those with pre-existing body image or self-esteem issues. There’s so much to deal with at the moment, and yet we still feel the pressure of conforming to society’s beauty standards.

3. Peer Support For Youngsters

Teenagers looking for a safe space to release their anxiety and share their struggles during the pandemic can try to join mutual support apps. On the app MeeTwo, teens can post about their issues anonymously, and other users from the same age group will give advice based on their personal experiences. All the peer replies are moderated, and teens can navigate through their feed or search using keywords to find specified advice.

4. Customised Exercise Sessions To Work Out At Home

Physical activity has scientifically proven to vastly benefit our mental health. With the functionality as well as the accessibility of technology today, we’ve got countless options for exercising on our own in the comforts of our homes.

5. An Online Course To Learn More About Well-being

If you’ve always wanted to dedicate more time to your well-being and you’re struggling to lift your spirits during this quarantine, you may want to check out this online course that was recommended to me. The Science of Well-Being is taught by Laurie Santos, a professor of psychology at Yale University, and is available for free at Coursera. The ultimate goal of the course is to simply teach people how to be happier.

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6. A Guide On How To Be More Mindful In Your Daily Lives

Honestly, I’m a newbie in this field and have only recently started to open myself to meditation. I was told that if you want to start digging into this world, you should take a look at Mindfulness: A Practical Guide to Finding Peace in a Frantic World (2011), by Mark Williams and Danny Penman. This best-selling book accompanies audio guided meditations to walk you through the process of becoming more self-aware.

7. A Storybook That You Can Read To Your Children

Photo by Andrew Ebrahim via Unsplash

Final Notes

People with existing mental health problems are at a higher risk of depression due to social isolation; don’t hesitate to seek medical advice if you’re not feeling well.



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